"Together we can face any challenge as deep as the ocean and as high as the sky.” - Sonia Gandhis

Luminous Approach

It’s not my job to tell you what to think. It’s my job to think about what you tell me.

The Luminous approach is designed to fit your company’s needs, allowing for flexibility to scale up or down your business needs evolve. Designed the take advantage your organizational wisdom, and encourage diverse perspectives from stakeholders across in-person, virtual, and hybrid meeting occasions.

Every client relationship becomes for partnership which to explore what is possible, design innovative strategies will effectively achieve victorious outcomes, and navigate the complexities of agile implementation.


Our approach begins with understanding the outcomes the organization hopes to achieve, to then explore the possibilities to achieve those outcomes. Framing the conversation around possibilities helps our clients push through obstacles and create impactful lasting change.


Together we co-create solutions to achieve the outcomes defined in the Exploration phase. we bring the tools and processes and mine the organization’s valuable knowledge to develop business solutions that are feasible and sustainable.


In our approach to navigating the complexities of implementation, we work with our clients to address challenges that arise, remaining agile to adjusting course. In our approach to navigating the complexities of implementation, we work with our clients to address challenges that arise, remaining agile to adjusting course. Well-grounded in collaboration and learning, our approaches enable us to recommend strategic solutions for value creation and moving the organization forward.

Luminous Services

Outsourced CMO, Strategic Consultant & Advisor to Emerging Better-for-You Food & Beverage Brand

Executive Leadership

Executive Leadership

High-impact outcomes are never done by one person. They are done by a team of people. The merit of engaging a consultant capacity or interim CEO or CMO is a faster solution to get leader boots on the ground to help solve your most significant challenges and achieve your most immediate success outcomes. Collaboratively, we develop high ROI strategies and tactics.

We seek to maximize your value by understanding what opportunities have the potential to grow faster or make the most significant impact and then seize the moment by nurturing winning ideas in real time. Then, we champion the new initiatives and demonstrate the rationale for the potential for scalable growth to all levels of the organization for feedback and buy-in. We strive to deliver impactful messaging during cross-functional team meetings to communicate strategic vision, outline the long-term roadmap, and secure buy-in to ignite passion in all departments.

Business Strategy

Business Strategy

The journey to hatching a knock-your-socks-off strategy can be fuzzy, open-ended, indeterminate, evolutionary, and innovative. We trust in the process, using analytical and creative whole-brain thinking to mine the data, transforming information into insights that will guide us to identify winning strategies to achieve your business goals.

We start with identifying the “why?” to unite around a shared purpose. We collaborate to leverage our diversity of experience and thought, with an openness to question the status quo, the ability to reframe risk (such as inaction being and action), and imagination to create bold plans and ideas to zig when others zag. That’s where the fruit lives.

Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy

Luminous Brands help people fall in love with brands and build trust with consumers to help their brands skyrocket.

Luminous brings a qualitative and quantitative evidence-based approach to defining a mind-blowing brand positioning platform to breathe the spirit of life through the brand – with heart and head – to connect with and hit the bull’s eye of your consumers’ demand.

Luminous Brands’ well-earned reputation in Brand Strategy leadership and developing champion brands distinguish it from others in improving the value of your business. Successful Brand Strategies that generated profitable value creation include Bare, Annie’s, Ella’s Kitchen, Premier Nutrition, Bird’s Eye, Hormel, Acme Valley, and more.

Brand Visioning

Brand Visioning

Forward-thinking achieves mind-blowing results!

Developing a bold vision around shared purpose and goals fuels innovative ideas and expanded possibilities for the longer term, leading to scalable growth. It’s a fun process, full of brainstorming, evaluating, prioritizing, validating, and earning buy-in. An inspiring game plan does wonder about putting a skip in your step and exhilarating your team to lean in to carry out lofty goals to create the future of food for generations to come.

Luminous Brands’ success in developing Brand and Business Visions that drive growth includes Annie’s, Bare, Premier Nutrition, and even the Township of a Tahoe Ski Town in California to forward urban justice.

Marketing Strategy For A Digital World

Marketing Strategy For A Digital World

Consumers’ changing expectations of brands to be more human and immediate is a paradigm shift to meet the future of shopping. Understanding culture, people, how we organize, how we shop, and our needs and wants in the dynamic marketplace helps us create active, immersive marketing strategies that meet customer passions and solve pain points. All to generate more impact, drive sales, and build long-term equity, customer buy-in, and consumer loyalty for the highest value creation.

Luminous seeks to develop new marketing strategies and programs that meet the emerging experience economy and the future of shopping.

The question is when and how to enter the emerging experience economy.



What we believe determines what we create. It keeps us focused on possibilities. Forward-thinking keeps us moving toward the future instead of living in the past. Luminous Brands courageously sets out in search of dynamic relevance to leapfrog other players into a category leadership position.

Financial Stewardship

Financial Stewardship

Entrepreneurs face ten thousand decisions on any given day, impacting the business’s financial health. Support of a trusted resource helps leaders gain greater perspective to overcome obstacles, make more informed decisions, and accelerate their company’s growth.


Building strategic alliances with key stakeholders throughout the client organization, nurturing peer-to-peer relationships to secure buy-in, influence change, and enable meaningful collaboration makes for successful outcomes.

We show up, do the work, and together create exceptional outcomes.

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